Healthy Digestion

Healthy Digestion

Do you mind if I get personal for a moment? Perhaps I might even get a bit vulgar. I mean well. I promise.

Okay, ready.

How is your poop?

Yes, I’m asking about your poop. I told you it might get a bit vulgar.

Unfortunately, it’s important.

You see, poop just doesn’t happen. It matters.

What comes out is more than just an indicator of what went it. Your poop­­ the shape, the size, the color, the consistency and the frequency it comes out­­ all matter. They tell us about the digestive system that produced it.

With all that happens in our day, we hardly have time to pay attention to digestive matters, unless something goes wrong, and we feel like our guts want to come rushing out of our bodies. Pardon. I know that sounds crude. This will too.

Diarrhea shouldn’t be a normally part of your day. Rushing to the bathroom within in an hour of eating lunch is a problem for all sort of reasons.

Chronic constipation isn’t proper either. You shouldn’t feel like your intestines have gone on strike.

Gas. Bloating. Pain. None of it should be a regular part of the day.

You should have one, two, possibly three healthy bowel movements per day. They shouldn’t be torturous. They shouldn’t have to run awkwardly down the hall to the bathroom while all your co­workers point and laugh. Poop shouldn’t interfere with your day.

The truth is our diets and our lifestyles mess with our bowel movements. Too much stress, for example, can disrupt the process. Too much anxiety is a real poop killer. Eating too much crap will mess with your… well, you get the idea. Your digestive system wasn’t designed for a fatty, sugary, starchy diet, particularly one overloaded with heavily processed foods. Some of what you eat contain more non­food then it does food. Just look at the bag of candy in your desk drawer if you don’t believe me.

You need to remember what your digestive system is supposed to do. First, it’s supposed breakdown your food and extract the healthy components. The problem is, too much of what we eat has too few health components. That makes our digestive system work too hard for no reason. It confuses the system. Disrupts the process.

Your digestive system also has a defensive component. It’s meant to keep toxic elements from getting absorbed with the good stuff. It should be good stuff in, bad stuff out. But it doesn’t always happen that way. Too few nutrients get in. Meanwhile, the toxins don’t get flushed out.

Fun fact: your digestive system contains healthy bacteria that help break food down into it’s nutritious components. When you eat a mess of food loaded with all sorts of non­nutritious chemical additives and byproducts, the internal flora takes a beating. Bacteria aren’t smart. They don’t adapt, and problem solve at the spur of the moment.

When your digestive system has to respond to a constant assault of processed junk, it can’t keep up. Hence, you only rent your meal from Taco Bell. Once in you, your body can’t get rid of it fast enough. But in the process of spewing out the junk, havoc ensues along the digestive tract.

Add a little stress. Some negative emotional responses. A bad day at work. An argument with a spouse. Now your gut is a mess.

You have to keep your digestive system healthy to stay healthy. In our e­store, you will find products to sooth your stomach when it aches (try Protocol Peppermint Oil GI), products to replace the healthy bacteria (try Thorne Bacillus Coagulans and Probiotic Pro BB536), products to get the system working properly again (look at GI­Revive).

Next time I ask about your poop you should be able to say proudly, “Just fine and dandy!”

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