Beat Cold & Flu Season

Beat Cold & Flu Season

The days are getting shorter.

A few centuries ago, short days meant it was time for the final harvest. Time to go out and stock up on smoked and salted meats. Time to fortify the homestead for winter.

Luckily for us, we just need to keep getting up and going to work, even though it might mean driving to and from work in the dark once winter gets here. But maybe we should do a little bit more to prepare ourselves for a season of short cold days that are ahead.

The next few months brings with it an increased risk of colds and the flu. Of viruses and infections. Of coughs and sneezes and runny noses.

Statistics show that absenteeism from work and school is about to increase to its peak. If you are going to miss work or miss school, it’s most likely to happen between December and March, better known as cold and flu season.

What should you be doing right now to stay healthy later? Build your immune system.

Hopefully, you are taking a twice daily multivitamin, because that’s where immune health starts. Most people will also benefit from increasing vitamin D. Those are the basics.

Most of aren’t getting enough vitamin C. Oh, we might be taking enough, in theory. However, it’s hard to get our bodies to absorb the ideal amounts of C that we need. That’s where products like liposomal vitamin C come in. Research shows that C taken in the liposomal form passes through the absorption barriers more efficiently. That means you will be getting more C to the cells where cells need it for a variety of functions. Your body, including your immune system, works better when your cells get sufficient vitamin C. You will find Liposomal C in our antioxidant page.

There are a few other products you might consider for your winter defense. Mushrooms have strong antiviral properties. They might help you beat a cold or other illness. You could start eating a lot more mushrooms today. But if that doesn’t work for you, consider a supplement like Maitake, which contains mushroom cap extracts.

Another medicine cabinet essential is black elderberry extract, an antioxidant that also supports a healthy immune system. Often, we feel the first and most troubling effects of a virus and infection in our throats. ENT Probiotics have an anti-inflammatory effect that may help protect your throat from a viral or bacterial assault.

We provide a functional medicine approach to all health issues, including the common cold and flu. This means that the doctor will meet with you one on one to address which supplements are right for your body, lifestyle and current state of health.Click over to our immune support page to browse the products that we provide our patients with.

Start protecting your body today for tomorrow’s cold and flu season.

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