Diabetes and Stroke

Diabetes and Stroke

It’s hard to talk about health without saying to people, “Here’s something for you to worry about for a while.”

We don’t want you to worry. Worry itself isn’t healthy.

Having provided you with that disclaimer, let me now say, “Here’s something for you to worry about for a while.”

Diabetes and stroke.

I will wait for your anxiety to pass. Take some deep breaths. Feeling better? Good.

Now, on with the bad news. Diabetes and stroke often go together like ice cream and chocolate syrup. That’s a fitting simile if I have ever heard one.

A stroke occurs when something interferes with the flow of blood to a part of the brain. Normally, the cause is a clot in an artery in the neck or the brain. Sometimes, a ruptured artery is the problem. In any case, the disruption in blood flow leads to a loss of oxygen to a part of the brain. The result: brain damage.

The primary cause of a stroke is high blood pressure, and there is a strong link between high blood pressure and diabetes. Here’s how: the elevated blood sugar levels associated with diabetes can contribute to a buildup of plaque on arterial walls. The plaque makes it harder for blood to pass through the artery, causing an increase in pressure. It’s like what happens when a highway drops from three lanes to two. Everything slows down. Sometimes traffic creeps to a stop, causing the pressure to go critically high, on both the roadway and in your body.

It’s a nasty effect. The brain wants oxygen, but your circulatory system can’t oblige because of traffic pressure, or blood pressure. Your body wants to respond to the crisis, but it just can’t.

Because you stopped for a cream filled donut on the way to work. Every day. For ten years.

Because one more drink can’t hurt. Until, of course, it does.

Because it just doesn’t seem right to buy a pint of Ben and Jerry’s and not eat the whole pint.

Because a second helping is just a warmup for the real gorging yet to come.

Because sometimes, you just come up with the short end genetically, and you have a health condition you never asked for and certainly don’t deserve.

The point being, you can take steps to lower your risk of diabetes and stroke, and you can do both at the same time.

Wait. You know this part. You’ve heard it before.

This is where I say you have to go on a diet. Lose weight. Get more exercise.

And now you’re angry. Because you know you need a healthier diet. You know you need to lose some weight. Or more than some. You know you need exercise.

This is where you want to click off and head to another website that isn’t going to tell you something you already know.

Take another breath before you go.

I’m not going to lecture you about what you already know. Instead, we’re going to offer an alternative.

Fast weight loss. Real, manageable rapid fat loss.

It takes five weeks. In five weeks, your weight goes down. Your belly shrinks. Your blood pressure drops. Your blood sugar recedes.

Now, here’s where I inject some honesty to prove I’m not selling snake oil. They won’t be easy weeks. You are going to give up many of your favorite foods. Completely. No cheating allowed.

For five weeks.

You are also going to cut way down on the amount you eat. Calories matter. Good calories, bad calories, all count. You have to restrict your intake.

For five weeks.

You are going to drink water. Lots of it. Your body contains tons of junk it doesn’t want or need. This diet is going to help you flush a lot of that out. You are going to want to pee often.

For five weeks.

For five weeks, you are going to eat small portions of protein and a few carefully selected vegetables, three meals a day. You will also drink a few protein drinks to keep your metabolism fueled. It’s a strict, rigid program. No room for treats. Not much room for improvisation. You will need to stay structured and organized, too.

For weeks.

Yes, you will also need to get plenty of sleep– maybe more than you are used to– and exercise for real. Those are part of the permanent changes you need to make.

Five weeks, and then beyond.

You will kick it all off with our T360 weight loss program. The Five week secret to rapid weight loss. Not easy weight loss. Fast and effective isn’t easy. It couldn’t be. Not in the real world.

But you and I live in the real world.

So we need T360. Because we don’t need diabetes and we certainly don’t want a stroke.

Five weeks.

Big deal? Real deal.

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